NSITF Record Update Instructions
You are about to update your NSITF record.
Please adhere strictly to all Instructions in order to ensure that proper information is provided.

NOTE: After completing the Registration Form, you will be asked to VERIFY the information you have entered. You must click on the SUBMIT button after you have verified the information entered and wait for a response in order to confirm that your registration details have been received.

It is necessary but not mandatory for you to provide a valid email account. This will allow you to receive a confirmation email when you submit your registration details. For those that presently do not have email accouts, you can open a free email account by visiting any of the following sites: www.yahoo.com, www.hotmail.com, www.gmail.com
Provide Your NSITF Registration Number for Confirmation

- - -
e.g. 12-12-12345678-1
NOTE: For those who do not know their NSITF registration number or need further clarifications, please call any of the following lines 09-4613782, 09-4613790.

Please, note that the reconciliation of contributions made under the NSITF scheme is on-going
and your account would be updated accordingly if further adjustments become necessary

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